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nSuns 531 4.26

by Cody nSuns

A linear progression powerlifting program for result-driven intermediate lifters.

IntermediateFull Gym

GZCL Program 4.50

by Cody LeFever

GZCL is one of Reddit's most popular Linear Progression program for beginners

BeginnerFull Gym

Overcoming Gravity

by Steven Low

This is an advanced bodyweight program based on the Overcoming Gravity book.

AdvancedAt Home

PHAT 4.37

by Layne Norton

Developed by Dr. Layne Norton, PHAT is for lifters that want to look aesthetic without being weak.

IntermediateAdvancedFull Gym

2473 athletes on this program

5/3/1 Boring But Big 4.27

by Jim Wendler

BBB is one of the most popular 5/3/1 versions with a focus on high volume accessories for size gains

NoviceIntermediateGarage Gym

2449 athletes on this program

PHUL 4-Day Split 4.26

by Brandon Campbell

One of the most popular programs for building strength and muscle.

NoviceIntermediateFull Gym

2102 athletes on this program

Push Pull Legs Upper Lower (PPLUL) 4.40

by Dr. Swole

Dr. Swole's 5 day a week PPLUL program that combines the best of PPL and UL splits

NoviceIntermediateFull Gym

1725 athletes on this program

Reddit PPL 4.45

by r/Fitness

The unofficial r/fitness program for novice lifters to pack on strength and muscle.

NoviceIntermediateFull Gym

1419 athletes on this program

Dumbbell P/P/L 4.37

by r/Fitness

A beginner dumbbell routine

BeginnerNoviceDumbbell Only

1279 athletes on this program

5/3/1 for Beginners 4.43

by Jim Wendler

The famous 5/3/1 philosophy for beginner lifters

BeginnerNoviceGarage Gym

1019 athletes on this program

Full Body Powerbuilding Split 4.40

by Dr. Swole

3 days a week program for a beginner to early intermediate athlete to build strength and muscle mass

BeginnerNoviceFull Gym

932 athletes on this program

Bullmastiff 4.69

by Alex Bromley

Pack on serious strength and size with this 3-week wave structure with a base and a peak phase

IntermediateFull Gym

753 athletes on this program

r/Fitness Basic Beginner Routine 4.37

by r/Fitness

3x5 routine for complete beginners to strength training using barbells

BeginnerNoviceGarage Gym

736 athletes on this program

Candito 6 Week Strength Program 4.49

by Jonnie Candito

Break personal records and learn the highly-effective periodization training method.

IntermediateAdvancedGarage Gym

706 athletes on this program

Arnold Schwarzenegger Volume Workout - Variation 1 4.09

by Arnold Schwarzenegger

7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger's high frequency and high volume approach

AdvancedFull Gym

668 athletes on this program

Strong Curves: Bootyful Beginnings 4.29

by Bret Contreras

A woman's guide to building a better butt and body

BeginnerNoviceFull Gym

621 athletes on this program

Golden Six 4.58

by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding centered on 6 exercises: Squat, Bench, Chin-up, Overhead Press, Curl, Sit-up

BeginnerNoviceFull Gym

578 athletes on this program

Greg Nuckols Beginner Program 4.43

by Greg Nuckols

Build muscle and strength with full-gym equipment including barbells, dumbbells, and machines.

BeginnerFull Gym

455 athletes on this program

TSA 9 Week Intermediate Approach 4.39

by The Strength Athlete

Designed for intermediate lifters to peak into competition or be re-run multiple times in offseason.

IntermediateGarage Gym

425 athletes on this program

Bikini Body 4.04

by Menno Henselmans

Beginner program for female trainees that want a Bikini Fitness type body.

BeginnerFull Gym

405 athletes on this program