Boostcamp Team

Michael Liu


Michael considers himself a “serious amateur” lifter and has deadlifted 550 pounds. He quit his dream job in finance to build Boostcamp full time.

Patricia Wong


Pat loves to pursue a mix of activities including weights, yoga, and running. She was a a software developer before starting Boostcamp.

Eric Helms


Eric is a renowned fitness educator, sports science research fellow at AUT, champion-level coach, and author of The Muscle & Strength Pyramid.

Our Story

Hello! We are Patricia and Michael, the co-founders of Boostcamp.

We have been friends since college. We’re both Canadians that now live in Brooklyn, NY.

We’re so happy that you found our community of fitness enthusiasts from 160 countries across the globe.

Boostcamp started as a small idea: to make workout programs easier to use.

We came up with the initial draft of Boostcamp while working full-time at our previous jobs.

Patricia, with her engineering background, spent many long nights coding the MVP of Boostcamp from scratch.

Michael, as the fitness fanatic, reached out to respected coaches to create the first programs on the app.

After building the MVP product, we hoped to get just a dozen users to see who might be interested in testing it.

To our surprise, when we posted about it on Reddit, we gained thousands of users overnight (which crashed the app).

The overwhelming support we’ve since received has allowed us to leave our day jobs to build Boostcamp full time.

Our mission now is to make evidence-based fitness mainstream, and make fitness accessible to everyone.