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The Science of Peaking: Designing a Successful Powerlifting Program
Trying to set a new PR? This article will teach you the what, why, and how of peaking in powerlifting to maximize your absolute strength for meet day.
May 9,2023
How To Start Olympic Weightlifting
Learn how to start Olympic weightlifting. Starting Olympic weightlifting provides a full-body workout that develops both strength and functionality.
May 9,2023
5 Day Workout Split: Best Free Programs for Size and Strength
Discover the best 5-day workout split programs like nSuns 5/3/1, PHAT, & PPLUL that have been proven effective by thousands of lifters.
Apr 19,2023
Powerlifting vs. Weightlifting: Pros, Cons, and Differences
In this article, we will dive deep into the world of powerlifting and weightlifting, examining these two popular strength sports.
Apr 18,2023
Overcoming Common Injuries: A Guide for Powerlifters
When it comes to powerlifting injuries, not all of them are created equal. However, the essence of rehab stays the same. In this article, you will learn how to overcome injuries.
Apr 17,2023
How to hit a new PR: Best Way to Test Your 1RM
Trying to hit a new 1 Rep Max? Follow the tips in this guide for nutrition, sleep, warm-ups, mental prep to get the job done.
Apr 14,2023
Linear Progression vs. Conjugate Method: Quick Start Guide
Discover Linear Progression vs. Conjugate Method for powerlifting gains. Compare pros/cons, get answers to FAQs & find the best program for you.
Apr 9,2023
The Mental Game of Powerlifting: Winning Mentality Guide
Knees weak, arms heavy, there’s chalk on his singlet already. The bar is loaded for you and you’re up next. This is the mental game of powerlifting.
Apr 9,2023
The Powerlifting Diet: How to Fuel Your Strength
If you’re a powerlifter who wants to optimize your diet for strengt, this comprehensive guide will help you with all that.
Apr 5,2023
Drop Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets: Techniques for Lifters
Maximize gains with drop sets, super sets, & giant sets! Increase muscle growth, break plateaus, & intensify workouts. FAQ & app recommendation included.
Apr 4,2023