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The Best Supplements for Powerlifters
When it comes to powerlifting, supplementation can be huge for recovery and progression. So, what are the best supplements for powerlifters?
Jul 15, 2024|14 min
Science-Based Lifting vs. Bro Science
An approach to lifting is something that is often separated into two categories: science based lifting and bro science. But what are these things and what is the difference? Which should you use?
Jul 13, 2024|15 min
The Ultimate Guide to a 2-Day Full Body Workout Routine
Sometimes, life can get pretty crazy and that means you may not have that much time to train. That being said, is a 2-day, full body workout routine effective?
Jul 13, 2024|28 min
Mastering Trap Workouts for Boosting Muscle and Strength
Elevate your muscle and power with effective trap workouts. Discover the best exercises for boosting your trapezius strength on our blog.
Jul 11, 2024|20 min
Old School Bodybuilding Training vs. The New Age
Bodybuilding training has changed a lot over the years. But, what if you like that old school look of the Golden Era of bodybuilding? How should you train?
Jul 11, 2024|14 min
Is The 5x5 Workout Program Good for Building Mass?
The 5x5 workout program has been utilized for years and years, for strength, but could it be a good workout program for building muscle mass?
Jul 9, 2024|14 min
High Volume vs. High Intensity Training
Two training styles that are very popular are high intensity and high volume. Let's take a look at what each one entails, and break down which training style is better.
Jul 9, 2024|13 min
Make 2024 your year with the best free powerlifting programs of 2024. These programs are hand-selected and tested by the Boostcamp team!
Jul 7, 2024|30 min
Hack Squat Guide: The Ultimate Exercise Encyclopedia
Looking for the ultimate hack squat guide? Discover the best exercise techniques and tips in our comprehensive blog post.
Jul 7, 2024|15 min
The Ultimate Dumbbell Workout Program
Dumbbell training is something that can help you gain size and strength. Aside from that, dumbbell training is convenient and brings a load of other benefits, so check it out!
Jul 5, 2024|16 min