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Basement Bodybuilding is a natural bodybuilding educator on YouTube with over 20K subscribers. This channel exists to challenge the consensus of bodybuilding methods, while establishing a better fundamental philosophy of training for natural bodybuilding.

This is Basement Bodybuilding's Premium 5-day per week Push Pull Legs Push Pull (PPLPL) program designed for novice and intermediate lifters looking to refine their skills and build an aesthetic physique.

How to progress: The method we’re using is a variation of dynamic double progression. Instead of a standard double progression where we wait for all sets to meet the rep target to increase weight, we will be adding weight to all sets once your first set reaches OR surpasses the top end of the rep range. There will be a drop-off in reps from set to set in most cases, which is normal, and a byproduct of training hard.

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Man, 34
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5 years of prior experience
More than expected strength gains
More than expected muscle gains
Great Programme Basement. Nothing more to say. Just great man!
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