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Cody Lefever

Marine, Competitive Powerlifter, and founder of GZCL Method

About Cody

Physical fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine. While serving with the U.S. Marines I began training myself and others to achieve a higher level of physical preparedness. This developed into a passion for lifting weights that took me to the powerlifting platform where I competed in multiple state, national, and world level championships. My clients range from military servicemembers to athletes to the average person desiring improved physical fitness, whether that be in sports or in daily life.

In 2022, I opened up North America’s Highest Gym in Almba, Colorado. Located at 10,361 feet elevation, Alma’s Gym is high up in the Rocky Mountains approximately 2 hours outside of Denver. It is a place for locals and tourists alike to get stronger and develop their bodies.

I officially partnered with Boostcamp App to launch GZCL Program (GZCLP) into an app format for free.

Major Achievements

  • 10 year active duty Marine veteran with rifleman (0311) and community services (4133) specialties.
  • Creator of the strength training system "GZCL" made popular on reddit.com (22K members) and YouTube (16K subs).
  • Coaching services has produced many high level lifters around the world.
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