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Dr. Pak

PhD “The minimum effective dose for strength”

Coach Pak Androulakis-Korakakis

BSc, PhD

Dr. Pak did his PhD in Sports Science at Solent University (UK) on the topic of “the minimum effective training dose for strength in powerlifters.” His research focuses on muscle strength, hypertrophy, and strength sport performance. Dr. Pak has worked for over 5 years with physique athletes, powerlifters, and recreationally active individuals looking to get stronger and improve their body composition.

Major Achievements

  • PhD on “The minimum effective dose for strength”
  • Visiting Scholar at the Applied Muscle Development Lab at Lehman College in New York City
  • Coach to hundreds of individuals from high level competitive strength and physique athletes to recreationally active individuals.
  • Lecturing at Universities in the UK since 2016, teaching a variety of subjects from Sports Nutrition to Strength & Conditioning.
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