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Hadyn Wiseman

Performance and Skill Based Athlete

Hello, I'm Hadyn. I am 33 years old and have been training since the age of 4, starting with martial arts, and then teaching myself gymnastics and calisthenics from the age of 15. I am completely self-taught and have been able to get to what is considered an elite level in most of my endeavours. I have been making my own programs for many years as well as trying out most of the standard ones. I was always impressed with the feats of strength and skill that the human body is capable of and have trained in a wide range of disciplines to try and learn them all myself. This has given me a great deal of knowledge spread across multiple areas. For the last couple of years I have decided to attempt to conquer powerlifting, becoming one of the strongest lifters in the country within two years of committing to the sport. I aim to have the highest powerlifting coefficient in the UK across any weight class within the next year.

Major Achievements

  • Over 500 dots score in powerlifting
  • World record for the most number of corkscrews (a 360 backflip taking off of one leg) in one minute
  • Masters degree in mathematics
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