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Kristen Dunsmore

2x National Champion, Powerlifter & Performance Coach

I want to share my journey and shed light on the path that brought me here.

My passion for powerlifting began while working in the Human Performance Lab at my university. I fell in love with lifting almost immediately. Ironically, despite my involvement as an athlete, it took me three years to gather the confidence to compete in my first meet.

Throughout my own experiences as an athlete and now coaching for over eight years now, I realize that these feelings are quite common. Especially with the way we compare ourselves to the best on social media. Many struggle to conform to the elusive idea of becoming an elite athlete, leading to self-doubt and a never-ending cycle of chasing unattainable standards.

But I’m here to change that narrative.

As a passionate coach and competitor, I aim to help you feel confident under the barbell. Although a competitor at heart, strength training is much more than lifting heavy weights. It is crucial for our physical health and mental well-being. Whether you aspire to compete on the world’s biggest powerlifting stage or want to enhance your overall quality of life, I’m dedicated to making strength training accessible and empowering for everyone.

Major Achievements

  • Concordia University Chicago – PhD in Health and Human Performance (in progress)
  • Syracuse University – MS in Exercise Science
  • University of Tampa – BS in Exercise Science
  • 2x National Champion in the 69kg and 72kg weight class
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