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Layne Norton

Renowned Coach, Pro Natural Bodybuilder/Powerlifter, PhD

Dr. Layne Norton is a champion bodybuilder. competitive powerlifter, and professional physique coach. He has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and is one of the leading educators in evidence-based fitness. Dr. Layne Norton has an informative YouTube channel (275K+ subs) and Instagram (700K+ followers) where he shares his expertise on training, nutrition, health and wellness.

Dr. Layne Norton is the owner and founder of BioLayne, a leading company that provides coaching and nutrition services to help people achieve their fitness goals. He is also the co-founder of Carbon Diet Coach app and Outwork Nutrition supplements.

Dr. Layne Norton is also the creator of the popular PHAT workout routine, which is a free program that combines hypertrophy muscle building and power-based strength training. Thousands of regular gym goers and athletes have found great success on PHAT as well as Layne's many training programs. For more customized programming and coaching, we recommend checking out BioLayne.

Major Achievements

  • Achieved 'Elite' Raw Total classification
  • Current IPF 93 kg class World Record Squat 303 kg (668 lbs)
  • IFPA Pro International: Heavyweight Winner
  • NGA Pro Universe: 4th Place
  • NGA Heart of America Natural Classic men’s open overall champion
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