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Meathook is an all purpose training program that translates my training habits and philosophies into a format suitable for use by the general lifting population. It incorporates my weekly schedule, my preferred routines for hypertrophy, and some of my favorite progressions and periodization for strength development.

This program is NOT suitable for beginners, but is suitable for intermediate lifters and advanced lifters, some suggestions on how to handle the program at each level will be included in this document. This is NOT a powerlifting program, or a program dedicated to any other strength sport, though it can be used in an off-season and the strength and size developed through running it will carry over to strength sports if you utilize dedicated training afterwards.

The program runs for 12 weeks but can be repeated indefinitely. The program assumes access to a full gym with a good machine selection, but can be performed with a more minimal set up (though I believe this will impede the hypertrophy days abit).

I HIGHLY recommend reading this entire document prior to running the program, in order to understand how to properly use it.

Click the link below for the full program guide.

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2.33/ 5
0 weeks complete
4 years of prior experience
Less than expected strength gains
Less than expected muscle gains
3 sets of OHP, with 4 sets of military press the very next day. This program encourages sandbagging to the max. 28 sets in one workout, with 4 sets for each exercise, is unimaginably unproductive.Most programs are better than this in all aspects, I have no idea why someone would run this. Edit: The upper body day is 32 sets because the single arm dumbbell row requires twice the number of sets. Also, 12 sets of bicep isolation in one workout is laughable.
an hour ago
Marek M.
Man, 25
0 weeks complete
7 years of prior experience
As expected strength gains
As expected muscle gains
Sorry but this is possibly the worst lifting program I have ever seen. All intermediate lifters wanting to try something new should avoid this. Nothing better than pressing 3 days in a row and then having one arm and one lower day. Omg. 👹😂 edit: this guy really gave himself 5 stars right after I sent this
a day ago