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The Red Hood, a ruthless and skilled vigilante in the Batman Universe, is well known for his peak physical condition, aggressive fighting style, and jacked body! He's a complete badass, so I had to create a program that lets you train to build an athletic, muscular body like his. We all know the life of a vigilante is busy, which is why I’ve designed this program using a special weightlifting technique that allows you to achieve Red Hood-level results without spending more than 4 hours a week in the gym!

In this program, we will be using PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training. PHA training involves alternating between upper and lower body exercises with minimal rest in between. Your rest intervals should be short, but long enough to ensure that cardiovascular fatigue doesn’t limit your ability to push your muscles close to failure. This technique not only saves time but also keeps your heart rate elevated, providing a cardiovascular benefit while you strength train. Here's how to do it:

  1. Perform one set of your first movement

  2. Rest as little as possible

  3. Perform on set of your second movement

  4. Rest as little as possible

Repeat this process until you’ve completed all your sets

When there are three exercises in a group, the process is the same but with one extra movement added in. You will alternate between the three exercises with minimal rest in between each, ensuring that you maximize both time efficiency and cardiovascular benefits.

Important note about rep speed- For all the movements in this program, perform the concentric portion (the phase when the active muscles are shortening) explosively, with the intent of moving the weight quickly. This approach maximizes muscle motor unit recruitment, leading to faster rates of strength development.

The eccentric portion of each movement (the phase when the active muscles are lengthening) is crucial for building muscle. During this phase, focus on controlling the weight at a slow tempo, taking about 2-3 seconds for each eccentric phase, and aim to get a good stretch in the active muscles.

Explanation Of Concentrics/Eccentrics: Video

Complete the following warm-up before every workout:

5 Minutes moderate intensity cardio

Hamstring Sweeps x30

World’s Greatest Stretch x10/side

Downward Dog To Plank x10

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Pranav H.Man, 24
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As expected strength gains
As expected muscle gains
Great program, kinda trying to finish it asap hehe