PB&J (PowerBuilding ‘till I’m Jacked)

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4.50/ 5
Alexander P.
0 weeks complete
8 years of prior experience
More than expected strength gains
As expected muscle gains
I’m the creator of this program, and I used this program as a power building program to add strength and size during a 12 week bulk. While I used strong foundational principles and experience for exercise selection and rep scheme, I only planned out the first 4 weeks. I used an AI programmer to help create Wave 2 and Wave 3. I made excellent strength gains in this program, and both Wave 1 and Wave 2 are good as-is. However, I believe Wave 3 is too demanding for most trainees and I ended up making multiple changes. In hindsight, I should have made more changes to Wave 3 before posting this live lol. I’m going to adjust the sets and make minor changes as of 4/22/24. However, running this first iteration of PB&J, I did make the following progress: Start (Wave 1) Weight: 245 lbs Bench: 225x12, 300x5 Squat: 275x12, 375x5 Deadlift: 275x12, 385x5 Final (Wave 3) Weight: 262 lbs Bench: 305x8x 365x2 Squat: 405x8, 505x2 Deadlift: 445x8, 545x1 (did single instead of double) I did not expect the high volume approach to add as much strength as it did. I also made pretty decent muscle gains in the shoulders and triceps despite not programming much accessory work. After making tweaks to Wave 3, I believe this will be a great Power Building program for intermediate to advanced lifters.
25 days ago
Ari P.
Man, 25
0 weeks complete
7 years of prior experience
More than expected strength gains
More than expected muscle gains
This program was super hard even for someone who has been lifting weights consistently for almost 10 years. Amazing strength gains and definitely got me to focus way more on making sure I take every set to a much more intense level. Definitely going to need to take a deload week after this as it is super taxing. Seriously though I’m so grateful I made it through. If you’re someone who desperately needs structure and only does pump workouts this shit is like a boot camp for you, building the right habits in the gym And taking it back to basics. I went from around 195 to 220-225 in these last 12 weeks (I’m 6’2” for reference). Obviously, that’s not all going to be muscle, but I definitely can see that I have put on significant size and my strength is finally back. For example I started out with 245x12 on squat for phase 1 and 225 for 12 on bench. 12 weeks later my starting set of 8 is 355 on squat and my starting bench is 275 for 8. These are lifts that would have been impossible at the start. Great progress just hard as fuck if you do it right. Take the rest days!!
a month ago