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How it works
It has great variety of exercises and relatively simple to use. The strength training programs on this app are amazing
I have been used to finding pdf workouts only to follow, but this app makes logging progress WAY more easier to do.
This app provided me a long needed functionality when going to the gym. It’s easy to use and super convenient.
Really the best of both worlds. All the science based programs from the internet combined with the convenience of just using your phone. No more excel.
Honestly one of the best apps I’ve come across in my 5 years of training.
Short and sweet: a ton of strength training and fitness programs broken down for you in a very easy to digest weekly schedule.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you create a personalized workout plan based on my information?
We create a personalized workout plan based on your input from our survey questions. We then utilize the OpenAI GPT API to generate a tailored program that meets your specific needs and preferences.
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