The Top 5 Bodybuilding Training Programs

Written by the Boostcamp staff
Feb 12,2024|24 min| 2256

Make some serious bodybuilding progress with these workout programs

Bodybuilding is a journey that certainly does not happen overnight. No matter how perfect your diet, how great your sleep schedule, or how many supplements you take, bodybuilding takes years and years. With that said, there is absolutely no doubt that a proper training program is needed to accompany all of that. The unfortunate truth is that there are so many bodybuilding training programs out there that it may be hard to find one for you. Luckily, the team at Boostcamp has chosen the top 5 bodybuilding workout programs for you to choose from.

Let’s break down what to look for in a bodybuilding program, as well as our top 5 picks for the best bodybuilding training programs.

What to Look for in a Bodybuilding Training Program

When it comes to what to look for in a bodybuilding program, this is certainly no easy task. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when selecting a program so you know it will actually forward your progress and is not just some cookie cutter routine that does not help you at all. Let’s take a look at what exactly to look for in a bodybuilding training program.

  • Progressive Overload: For starters, progressive overload is crucial for making any progress and should be incorporated in every bodybuilding workout program. This entails a gradual increase in the intensity or volume of your workouts over time to stimulate continuous muscle growth. It is imperative to choose a program that not only acknowledges but strategically incorporates this principle, offering a structured plan for progressive advancements in weights, repetitions, or exercise difficulty.

  • Exercise Selection: You don’t want a program that just centers around the big three compound lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift). Something that focuses on those is geared more towards powerlifting and will not really help your bodybuilding goals. A well-rounded bodybuilding program should encompass a balanced mix of exercises. It still should include the compound movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, fostering overall development, but that is not all. On the other hand, a good bodybuilding program should also include accessory movements, like bicep curls and tricep extensions, target specific muscle groups, contributing to a harmonious physique.

  • Rest and Recovery: Overtraining can be a significant roadblock in your bodybuilding journey, the muscles need time to recover and grow back bigger. A superior program places a strong emphasis on the importance of rest and recovery. Look for recommendations on sleep patterns, active recovery strategies, and scheduled deload weeks to allow your body the necessary time to rejuvenate.

The Five Best Bodybuilding Workout Programs

Now that we have established what to look for in a bodybuilding workout program, it is time to discuss the best bodybuilding workout programs that you can choose. 

KONG: Savage Size in 12 Weeks

Coach: Alex Bromley

Level: Novice, Intermediate

Goal: Bodybuilding, Powerbuilding

Equipment: Full Gym

Time Per Workout: 75 minutes

Days Per Week: 5 days

Program Length: 12 weeks

First on the list of the best bodybuilding workout programs is KONG Savage Size in 12 Weeks. This is a free 12-week program designed for novice and intermediate lifters, that can be found right on the Boostcamp app. On the KONG program, you should only be in the gym for 75 minutes a day, five days a week, so you have plenty of time to prioritize your recovery. The KONG program is designed specifically to build savage size in a 12 week, or 3 month period (hence the name). KONG is designed with 3 blocks of 4 week chunks, and each of these 4-week blocks are separated by exercise selection, exercise order, and set and rep progression.

The KONG program is broken down into the following 3 phases:

  • Week 1-4: Volumizing

  • Week 5-8: Pyramids

  • Week 9-12: Reverse Pyramid

Take a look at our full review on KONG to see if it is a good bodybuilding program for your needs.


Coach: Geoffrey Verity Schofield

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Goal: Bodybuilding

Equipment: Full Gym

Time Per Workout: 60 minutes

Days Per Week: 6 days

Program Length: 10 weeks

To put it simply, RAVAGE is a 10 week hypertrophy program that really pushes you to the limits. The RAVAGE program has you in the gym 6 days a week, allowing for one day of rest and recovery. This is a program that is designed more for intermediate lifters rather than beginner lifters, meaning if you are just starting out then perhaps you should check out some other programs, unless you feel as though you can keep up. This program is a toned down version of Geoff's own training routine that he's done for the past year to make massive gains.

Let’s take a look at what muscle group will be targeted with each day of the RAVAGE 6x a week hypertrophy program. 

  • Monday - Legs

  • Tuesday - Torso

  • Wednesday - Bro Day

  • Thursday - Legs

  • Friday - Torso

  • Saturday - Bro Day

  • Sunday - Rest

Take a look at our full review of RAVAGE to see if it is a good bodybuilding training program for you.

DR. Swole Upper Lower

Coach: Dr. Swole

Level: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate

Goal: Bodybuilding

Equipment: Full Gym

Time Per Workout: 60 minutes

Days Per Week: 4 days

Program Length: 7 weeks

Four days a week in the gym may not seem like a great amount of time to focus on hypertrophy. However, Dr. Swole has come up with a great upper lower workout routine to really maximize your time in the gym and make those gains. This is a 4 day hypertrophy program based on a modified upper lower split. The upper lower split typically divides your body up into upper body day and lower body day, but you may notice in Dr. Swole’s version that the biceps are trained on lower body days. You also might notice that shoulders are trained every day, with lateral raises. This helps to keep you from training too much on your upper body days, and also forces you to hammer one of the biggest weak points for many people, which are the deltoids

Upper lower works particularly well in a 4 day set-up because it’s so flexible and allows plenty of time for recovery in between training sessions. 

Check out our full review of the Dr. Swole Upper Lower workout routine to see if this is the right bodybuilding program for you!

Power Bomb PPL

Coach: Bald Omni-Man

Level: Novice, Intermediate

Goal: Bodybuilding

Equipment: Full Gym

Time Per Workout: 60 minutes

Days Per Week: 6 days

Program Length: 10 weeks

Now, a push pull legs split is great because it can be used for powerlifting, bodybuilding, or powerbuilding. In the Power Bomb PPL split by Bald Omni Man, the goal is bodybuilding, and he has tailored the program to be great for it. A big focus of the Power Bomb PPL is quality of life, meaning that Bald Omni-Man has incorporated health protocols into the Power Bomb PPL split to help your health. The program includes proper warm-ups as well as deloads and other movements to keep you from getting injured. He also includes slight pulling movements such as face pulls on push days for things like shoulder health. 

Bald Omni-Man also includes nutrition into his Power Bomb PPL split, making sure you are getting proper intra-workout nutrition. This helps deliver proper nutrients to the muscles and keep them hydrated. Aside from nutrition, the Power Bomb PPL split has more rest days, as in complete rest days. This allows you to properly recover and get ready for your next workout, and also leaves some room for holistic development, as you can add more neck work, calves, forearms, things like that. Complete rest days also allow you to complete more volume.

Bald Omni-Man goes on to say that not everyone can do a lot of volume naturally, or may not be insanely strong and muscular naturally. That is why the Power Bomb PPL is helpful, as it allows you to force your body to adapt to become bigger, stronger, and capable of more volume.

The Power Bomb PPL split incorporates a lot of supersets, combining big movements with smaller movements. Not everything is supersetted, as it requires a lot of work capacity, but there are a good amount of them to fit in the fine detail work, so you can develop a complete physique.

A major change the Power Bomb PPL has is an arm bias. This goes against what a lot of workout splits incorporate, as he has days in the split where arms will be done first, so when you are hitting compound lifts you are almost incapable of relying on arms. For example, if your arms are pre exhausted, and you hit some bench press, you will be relying almost entirely on your pectorals for these lifts, which forces your pecs to grow.

  • Push Day: The chest, shoulders, and triceps

  • Pull Day: Back, traps, (sometimes rear deltoids) and biceps

  • Leg Day: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves

Arnold Schwarzenegger Volume Workout 

Coach: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Level: Advanced

Goal: Bodybuilding

Equipment: Full Gym

Time Per Workout: 60 minutes

Days Per Week: 6 days

Program Length: 16 weeks

We couldn’t make a list of the best bodybuilding workout programs without including one from the Godfather of Bodybuilding himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 7x Mr. Olympia champion has quite the workout routine, how else would he get to the size that he was?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Volume Workout is certainly not for the faint of heart, as he utilized a lot of volume compared to other bodybuilders during that time, like Mike Mentzer who stayed within the 6-8 rep range. Arnold’s training program included hitting each muscle group twice a week, allowing Sundays to recover. He also put a large amount of emphasis on barbell and dumbbell movements rather than using things like cables or standard gym machines. Arnold’s training program also uses a mix of compound and isolation exercises, to really build the mass and then fine tune the muscles. 

He also included abdominal exercises every day, as abs are a muscle you can train pretty much everyday. Having a strong core helps with compound lifts as well, especially lifts like the deadlift and squat as they place a lot of tension on the abdominal muscles. Not to mention, Arnold’s training program also included forearm training, to really complete his overall physique.

It was broken up into the following format: 

  • Monday: Chest and Back

  • Tuesday: Shoulders and Arms

  • Wednesday: Legs (Quads, calves, hamstrings)

  • Thursday: Chest and Back

  • Friday: Shoulders and Arms

  • Saturday: Legs (Quads, calves, hamstrings)

  • Sunday: Rest

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Where to Find a Good Bodybuilding Program

If you don’t like these programs or just want more, then we have the best place. Keep in mind that good bodybuilding programs will help with your fitness journey, you would want to find a program that caters to your needs and guides you in the right direction, making sure that you are making the most gains. If you are looking to stay on track and continue with linear progression, then finding a good workout program is the key. Where do you look for a good bodybuilding workout program? Check out the Boostcamp App for some great programs. 

Boostcamp is home to over 50 FREE workout programs that consist of strength, hypertrophy, or functional fitness, or both, from the push pull legs program all the way to upper lower. However, with Boostcamp, you don’t have to just follow a pre-written program, you also can create your own program as well, and track your progress to make sure you are on the right track. That being said, when you are looking to incorporate some arm training to further your powerlifting progress, then check out Boostcamp.

Best Bodybuilding Programs Wrap Up

Overall, finding the best bodybuilding programs is essential for making progress in your journey. These were our top picks for the best bodybuilding programs as they demonstrated simplicity, great progression, and are backed by some great coaches. Do you agree with our list? Let us know! 

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