Top Tricep Exercises: Boost Your Arm Strength Today

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Mar 16,2024|21 min| 2217

Top Tricep Exercises for Boosting Arm Strength

Are you looking to boost your arm strength and size? Then it's time to focus on those triceps in your workout routine! These muscles make up a significant portion of your upper arm, and incorporating them into your workout routine can help you lift heavier weights and perform more challenging exercises, such as the bench press. That being said, boosting your triceps is crucial no matter what you do, whether that be powerlifting or bodybuilding or anything in between. In this post, we will cover the importance of tricep training for building arm strength and list down the top 5 tricep exercises that you should add to your routine. From close-grip bench press to diamond push-ups, we've got you covered with detailed instructions and tips for safe and effective training to keep you injury free, but putting on muscle mass. We'll also discuss how to sequence these exercises in your workout plan for maximum benefits and provide advanced variations for continued progression.

So, let's get started on achieving ultimate arm strength!

Understanding the Tricep Muscles

The triceps brachii is comprised of three heads: the long head, lateral head, and medial head, originating from the scapula and humerus, and inserting into the ulna. These muscles play a vital role in elbow extension and shoulder joint stability. It is crucial to engage all three heads of the triceps for overall arm strength and aesthetics. Strong triceps contribute significantly to pushing movements like bench press and push-ups. By understanding the anatomy and function of the triceps brachii muscle, you can effectively target and strengthen the back of your arms, achieving strong and sculpted triceps.

Role of Triceps in Arm Strength

When it comes to arm strength, the triceps play a crucial role. These muscles make up the majority of the upper arm's muscle mass, providing stability and support for the shoulders during lifting movements. Strong triceps are essential for activities that require pushing or extending the arms, such as bench press and push-ups. By engaging the triceps, you can enhance your overall arm strength and perform better in sports and daily activities. Additionally, well-developed triceps contribute to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique. So, don't neglect your triceps when working towards strong and impressive arms.

Importance of Tricep Training for Arm Strength

Tricep training plays a vital role in developing overall arm strength and power. Neglecting tricep exercises can lead to muscle imbalances and weaknesses, compromising your arm's functionality. Strong triceps are essential for enhanced performance in various upper body movements, including pushing, lifting, and throwing. Additionally, well-developed triceps can greatly improve athletic performance in sports like weightlifting and powerlifting. By incorporating tricep training into your workout routine, you can achieve stronger and more functional arms, allowing you to excel in both sports and daily activities. Don't underestimate the importance of tricep training in your quest for strong, powerful arms.

Benefits of Regular Tricep Workouts

You don't want to hit the triceps every single day, but you also do not want to skip out on them. That being said, regular tricep workouts offer numerous benefits for your arms and overall upper body strength. One of the key advantages is the increase in arm strength and muscle definition that can be achieved through consistent training. Strengthening the triceps also has a positive impact on heavy compound pushing movements like the bench press and shoulder press, allowing for improved performance in these exercises. Additionally, well-developed triceps contribute to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing upper body physique. Another benefit is the enhancement of overall upper body stability, which can help reduce the risk of shoulder issues. Engaging the triceps through resistance training also improves posture and supports optimal movement patterns. By incorporating regular tricep workouts into your fitness routine, you can enjoy these benefits and develop strong, functional arms.

The Best Tricep Exercises

Now for the fun part, let's dive into the best tricep exercises that you can do! Whether you are looking to improve your tricep strength, overall size, or just trying to stay healthy, these are the top 5 tricep exercises.

Tricep Exercise 1: Close-Grip Bench Press

Activate your triceps and chest muscles with the close-grip bench press, a highly effective exercise for ultimate arm strength. To maximize triceps engagement, position your hands shoulder-width apart. You can use either a barbell or dumbbells for this exercise. Slow and controlled reps are key to achieving optimal muscle growth. Incorporating the close-grip bench press into your upper body strength training routine will help you build strong, well-defined arms. This exercise targets the triceps brachii muscle, located at the back of your arms, while also engaging the chest and upper chest muscles. Remember to maintain a full range of motion and avoid locking out your elbows at the top of the movement. The close-grip bench press is particularly beneficial for improving the lockout, or top portion, of your standard bench press.

Proper Technique for Close-Grip Bench Press

To perform the close-grip bench press with proper technique and strengthen your triceps, start by positioning yourself on a flat bench and gripping the barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart. As you lower the barbell, make sure to keep your elbows close to your body, allowing for maximum engagement of the triceps muscles. Push the barbell back up, fully extending your elbows. Throughout the exercise, maintain proper form, a good mind-muscle connection, and control to ensure effective results. By incorporating the close-grip bench press into your triceps workout routine, you can contribute to stronger and more defined arms, especially during the lockout, or top portion, of your standard bench press.

How Close-Grip Bench Press Enhances Arm Strength?

Close-grip bench press is a great tricep exercise that boosts arm strength. It targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders, improving overall pushing strength. Including it in your triceps workout can lead to gains in arm strength and enhance performance in other exercises like push-ups and overhead presses.

Tricep Exercise 2: Skull Crushers

Engage your triceps with skull crushers, a powerful exercise to strengthen your arms and develop stronger triceps. Whether you choose to use a barbell or dumbbells, make sure to control your movements and focus on engaging the triceps throughout the exercise. Skull crushers are a great addition to your arm workout routine as they target the triceps effectively, leading to better results and stronger triceps. To vary the challenge and target different areas of the triceps, you can adjust the grip width. By incorporating skull crushers into your routine, you'll be on your way to developing strong and defined triceps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Performing Skull Crushers

To perform skull crushers, start by lying on a flat bench with a barbell or dumbbells held above your chest. Lower the weight towards your forehead, making sure to keep your elbows stationary. Then, extend your right hand back to the starting position, engaging your triceps. Throughout the exercise, it's important to maintain proper form and keep your core tight. Performing the Half-Bench Skull Crusher, as shown in the usage example, can be a variation to target your triceps and improve upper arm strength. By following this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to effectively target your triceps and see progress in your arm strength. Remember to always use a weight that challenges you but allows for a full range of motion.

Why are Skull Crushers Essential for Arm Strength?

Skull crushers play a crucial role in building arm strength. By targeting the long head of the triceps, they promote muscle growth and definition. This exercise also engages other muscles like the shoulders and chest, enhancing overall pushing strength. Add skull crushers to your routine for optimal arm development.

Tricep Exercise 3: Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a great way to strengthen your triceps and improve your arm strength. You can perform tricep dips using parallel bars or a bench, making it accessible for different fitness levels. Focus on controlling your movements and engaging the triceps throughout the exercise. By incorporating tricep dips into your arm workout routine, you can target and strengthen your triceps effectively. To vary the intensity and target different areas of the triceps, you can adjust the angle and resistance of the exercise. Add tricep dips to your routine for strong and well-defined arms.

Correct Way to Perform Tricep Dips

To perform tricep dips correctly, start by gripping parallel bars or placing your hands on a bench behind you. Lower your body by bending your elbows, keeping them close to your torso. Engage your triceps as you push yourself back up to the starting position. It's essential to maintain proper form and control throughout the exercise to maximize its benefits. Tricep dips are an excellent addition to your tricep workout routine as they help build strength and definition in your triceps. By incorporating the bench dip, a basic variation of tricep dips, you can further challenge your triceps and enhance your arm strength and aesthetics.

Advantages of Tricep Dips for Arm Strength

Tricep dips offer a multitude of advantages for enhancing arm strength. By isolating and targeting the triceps, these exercises maximize muscle activation. Additionally, tricep dips engage the shoulders and chest to a lesser degree, contributing to a more well-rounded upper body workout. The pushing strength and overall power of the upper body can be improved by incorporating tricep dips into a regular routine. Not only do tricep dips contribute to functional strength, but they also enhance the aesthetics of the arms. For a comprehensive tricep workout and balanced arm development, tricep dips are a valuable addition.

Tricep Exercise 4: Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead tricep extensions are a great way to strengthen and tone your triceps. Whether you choose to use dumbbells or a cable machine, it's important to maintain proper form and control throughout the exercise. By incorporating overhead tricep extensions into your arm workout, you can target your triceps and build stronger arms. To maximize the effectiveness of this exercise, consider varying the weight and range of motion to target different areas of the triceps. Remember to start with a weight that challenges you but allows you to maintain proper form, gradually increasing the weight as you become stronger.

Detailed Instructions for Overhead Tricep Extension

To perform the overhead tricep extension, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell with both hands and extend it overhead, keeping your elbows close to your head. Lower the weight behind your head by about an inch and then slowly raise it back up to the starting position. Repeat this movement for the desired number of reps. The overhead tricep extension targets the triceps brachii muscles, located at the back of your arms. By incorporating this exercise into your routine, you can strengthen and tone your triceps, ultimately enhancing your overall arm strength.

How Overhead Tricep Extension Boosts Arm Strength?

Overhead tricep extension is a powerful exercise that targets the long head of the triceps muscles. By incorporating this movement into your routine, you can build strength and size in your triceps while improving elbow extension and enhancing pushing movements. Additionally, it engages stabilizer muscles in the shoulders and core for a more complete workout. This movement is great for both muscular hypertrophy and lockout strength. It’s also one of the only ways to emphasize the long head of your triceps.

Tricep Exercise 5: Diamond Push-up

To perform the diamond push-up, start in a plank position with your hands close together, forming a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers. As you lower your chest towards the ground, keep your elbows close to your body. Push yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat this movement for the desired number of reps. The diamond push-up targets the triceps, engaging the muscles in your arms, specifically the triceps brachii. It also activates the chest, shoulders, and core muscles. Adding diamond push-ups to your workout routine can help improve arm strength and promote muscle development in your triceps.

Executing the Perfect Diamond Push-up

When performing the diamond push-up, it's important to engage your core and maintain a straight line from your head to your heels. Focus on maintaining proper form as you lower your chest until it touches your hands, while keeping your elbows close to your body. To complete the exercise, push through your hands to return to the starting position, all the while squeezing your triceps throughout the movement. If needed, you can modify the exercise by performing diamond push-ups on your knees. By incorporating this exercise into your routine, you'll be targeting your triceps and working towards stronger and more defined arms. At the bottom of the movement, ensure that your elbows stay close to your sides.

Diamond Push-ups and their Impact on Arm Strength

Diamond push-ups are an excellent exercise for targeting the triceps muscle group and building both strength and definition in the arms. In addition to working the triceps, this exercise also engages the chest, shoulders, and core muscles, making it a great compound movement for overall upper body strength. While diamond push-ups can be challenging, they offer significant benefits for arm strength. By incorporating diamond push-ups into your routine, you can achieve a well-rounded tricep workout that will help you develop strong and toned arms. So, give diamond push-ups a try and experience the impact they can have on improving your arm strength.

How to Incorporate these Exercises into a Tricep Workout?

To create a balanced tricep workout routine, combine these exercises. Begin with compound movements like the bench press to engage multiple muscle groups. Then, include isolation exercises like tricep push-downs for targeted activation. Vary sets and reps for each exercise and gradually increase weight and intensity for continuous tricep muscle challenge.

Sample Workout Plan Featuring These Top 5 Tricep Exercises

To maximize the effectiveness of your tricep workout, it's important to follow a sample workout plan that incorporates these top 5 tricep exercises. Before diving into the exercises, be sure to warm up with some light cardio to get your blood flowing and muscles prepared. Each exercise should be performed for 3 sets of 10-12 reps, with 60 seconds of rest in between.

Start your workout with the close-grip bench press, which targets the triceps as well as the chest and shoulders. Follow it up with the overhead triceps extension, which focuses on the long head of the triceps and helps build upper arm strength.

Next in line is the tricep push-down, an isolation exercise that specifically targets the triceps muscles. This exercise can be done using a cable machine with a rope attachment or a pulley system.

Move on to tricep dips, which engage the triceps, chest, and shoulders. Be sure to maintain proper form and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle for maximum activation of the triceps.

Finally, finish off your tricep workout with skull crushers, an exercise that primarily targets the triceps brachii muscle. Use an overhand grip and slowly lower the weight towards the back of your head, then extend your arms back to the original position.

Incorporating these top 5 tricep exercises into your workout routine will help you build strong and defined arms. Remember to always maintain proper form, engage your triceps throughout the movements, and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger.

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Tips for Safe and Effective Tricep Training

To have a safe and effective tricep training session, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. First, always warm up before starting your workout. This helps prevent injuries and prepares your muscles for the upcoming exercises. Additionally, using proper form and technique is crucial to maximize tricep engagement and minimize strain on other muscles, such as the biceps or abs. Gradually increasing weight and intensity over time allows for progressive overload, which stimulates muscle growth and strength gains. Listening to your body and taking rest days is essential for muscle recovery and avoiding overtraining. Lastly, incorporating variety in your tricep workouts helps avoid plateaus and keeps your muscles challenged. It is recommended to start your workout with some brisk walking or jogging, jumping jacks, or calisthenics to get your blood flowing and increase the temperature of your muscles, which helps prevent injury.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Tricep Workouts

During your tricep workouts, it's important to be mindful of common mistakes that can hinder your progress and potentially lead to injury. One mistake to avoid is using too much momentum or swinging during tricep exercises. Instead, focus on controlled movements to fully engage the triceps. Another mistake is locking your elbows at the top of tricep extension movements. This takes away from the effectiveness of the exercise and can strain your joints. It's also crucial to avoid overloading with excessive weight, as this compromises proper form and increases the risk of injury. Additionally, don't neglect other muscle groups during your tricep workouts. A balanced approach that targets multiple muscle groups will lead to overall strength gains. Lastly, avoid rushing through exercises and instead, focus on the mind-muscle connection for optimal results. By being mindful of these common mistakes, you can maximize the effectiveness of your tricep workouts and achieve the ultimate arm strength you desire.

Does the Order of Exercises Impact the Effectiveness of the Workout?

The order in which you perform exercises can greatly impact the effectiveness of your workout. Starting with compound exercises before isolation exercises can activate more muscle fibers and prevent plateaus. Prioritizing weaker areas of the triceps at the beginning of the workout can help address imbalances. Experimenting with different exercise orders is key to finding what works best for your tricep training goals.

Best Practices for Sequencing Tricep Exercises

To maximize the effectiveness of your tricep workout, it is important to follow some best practices when sequencing your exercises. Begin with compound movements like the bench press, which engage multiple muscle groups, including the triceps. This helps activate the triceps and prepare them for more targeted isolation exercises. Following compound exercises, move on to isolation exercises that specifically target the triceps, such as triceps kickbacks or overhead extensions.

To challenge different muscle fibers, alternate between heavy and light exercises. This variation in weight and intensity helps stimulate muscle growth and strength development. As you near the end of your workout, consider focusing on the weakest areas of your triceps. This could involve exercises that isolate the long head or the medial head of the triceps. Lastly, always take into account your energy levels and prioritize exercises accordingly. By incorporating these best practices into your tricep workout routine, you can optimize your results and achieve strong, well-defined arms.

How to Progress your Tricep Training for Continued Strength Gains?

To continue making strength gains in your tricep training, try increasing the weight or resistance for exercises like overhead tricep extension and diamond push-ups. You can also challenge your muscles by performing more reps or sets. Incorporating advanced variations of tricep exercises and techniques like supersets or dropsets can further enhance your progress. Gradually increasing the difficulty of your tricep exercises is key to continued strength gains.

Advanced Variations of Top 5 Tricep Exercises for Continued Progression

Looking to take your tricep exercises to the next level? Try these advanced variations to continue progressing and challenging your muscles. For the overhead tricep extension, switch from dumbbells to a barbell for added intensity. To make diamond push-ups more difficult, incorporate a resistance band, or experiment with different hand positions such as a wide or narrow grip. For variety, include exercises like tricep kickbacks or skull crushers in your routine. And if you really want to challenge yourself, try using a stability ball or weighted vest during tricep exercises. These advanced variations will help you target your triceps from different angles and continue making gains.


To summarize, incorporating these top 5 tricep exercises into your workout routine can significantly enhance your arm strength. Close-grip bench press, skull crushers, tricep dips, overhead tricep extension, and diamond push-ups target the tricep muscles effectively, leading to increased strength and definition. Remember to perform these exercises with proper form to prevent injury and maximize results.

If you're new to tricep training, start with lighter weights and gradually increase the intensity as your strength improves. Additionally, avoid common mistakes such as using momentum or neglecting proper range of motion during the exercises.

For continued progress, consider incorporating advanced variations of these exercises and progressively challenging yourself. This will ensure that your tricep muscles continue to grow and strengthen over time.

So, add these top 5 tricep exercises to your workout routine and watch your arm strength soar. Get ready to show off those sculpted and powerful arms!