The Goku Training Program

Written by the Boostcamp staff
May 29,2024|9 min| 174

Train to become like a Super Saiyan

When it comes to watching anime, you will see some of the biggest, most ripped characters there are. You have guys like Toshi Fushiguro who show incredible strength and muscle mass, as well as other characters that just about everyone knows, like Goku. Now Goku is probably one of the most well known anime characters, coming from the popular “DragonBall Z” show. He wears the orange and blue gui, has the black spiky hair, and most importantly has a crazy physique that many people want to emulate, and now you can with the Goku workout right on Boostcamp. 

That’s right, Paris Demers has crafted the ultimate Goku workout that will make you feel like a Super Saiyan, and it is available right on the Boostcamp App. Let’s break it down.

Goku Training Program Overview

Paris Demers stated that ever since he was a young kid, he wanted to be like Goku. The main reasons for this are that Goku demonstrated epic work ethic, unstoppable willpower, and let's not forget, that jacked physique; these are the things that always inspired Demers. While you may think that this is odd to look up to a cartoon character, there are actually many people looking at Goku and wondering how they can look like that as well. That being said, Paris Demers has done us all a favor and channeled his years of experience as a personal trainer (and proud anime fanboy) into creating the 3-Level Super Saiyan Program!

The program is broken down into different levels, and runs for 16 weeks minimum, but it is not just your average powerlifting or bodybuilding program that ends at the end of those weeks, as there is much more to it.


Becoming like Goku is about more than just muscle and abs. Though those things are certainly important, Goku is fast, agile, strong, powerful, and his endurance is insane, which means you have to have more than just aesthetics. That is exactly what this program is all about, being ripped and effective. The Goku Training Plan is designed to not only help you build muscle but also to boost your speed, agility, strength, and endurance, turning you into a well-rounded athlete, just like Goku. Whether you're just starting out or you're already training hard, this program will push you to new heights. Let’s get ready to go Super Saiyan!

There are different levels to the program as well, so let’s break those down.

Level 1: (This is the part of the program available on Bootcamp that you’re currently on)

At the start of the Dragon Ball series, young Goku trained with Master Roshi to build a solid foundation of muscular endurance, cardiovascular capacity, and muscle mass. He would continue to build on this foundation for years, becoming incredibly powerful! That's exactly what Level 1 of this program is designed to do for you.

Level 1 spans 16 weeks and can be completed entirely at home with very minimal equipment. The program gradually increases in difficulty over these weeks, slowly building a foundation of muscle, endurance, core strength, and willpower. This gradual progression ensures that you effectively develop your physical abilities, preparing you for the next levels of training.

Level 2 & 3:

Once you have built a solid foundation you’re going to need to take your training to the next level if you want to continue making progress to becoming a Super Sayian athlete, and unless you have a gravity chamber like Goku’s on hand then that means getting into the gym and hitting the weights!

Level 2 & 3 of the Goku Training program are available for free on Paris Demers’ website!

Rest Time Guidelines: (For The Level 1 Program)

Each workout in level one of the Goku Training Plan is broken down into two parts. A muscle and strength focused super set at the start of each workout and then an endurance focused circuit at the end of each workout, and rest is crucial when it comes to making progress. 

For the strength-focused superset, take 20-60 seconds of rest between movements and then take a longer rest period of 60-120 seconds after completing one full round of the superset. Repeat this process until all sets are completed.

For the endurance-focused circuit, take as little rest as possible between movements and rounds, while still resting enough that you’re able to complete all your sets with good technique.

Equipment Needed

  • Jump Rope, Pull-Up Bar

  • Create your own TRX with towels

Dynamic Warm Up

  • 100 Jumping Jacks or 100 Jumps With Jump Rope

  • Hamstring Sweeps x30

  • World’s Greatest Stretch x10/side

  • Downward Dog To Plank x10

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Now, if you are not a fan of the Goku training program which can be found right on the Boostcamp App, you can check out plenty of other workout routines on Boostcamp! You have the option to choose from over 50 free pre-written workout programs, with several variations of popular workout splits like the upper lower and push pull legs splits, as well as programs designed for strength athletes like powerlifters and even Olympic lifters or strongmen. These are all written by well known coaches that have been in the industry for some time now. 

However, you do not have to choose a pre-written program if that is not something you want to do, as you also have the option to create your own workout program that caters specifically to your goals. You can track your workouts and make sure that you are heading in the right direction, like your own personal trainer.

Goku Training Program Wrap up

Overall, the Goku Training Program is not for those who do not want a challenge. It will help to build you up as a strength athlete, and an endurance athlete. You get to build your physique and improve your performance. That being said, what are you waiting for?

Will you be giving the Goku Training Plan a try?

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