Are You in the 1000lbs Club?

Written by the Boostcamp staff
Feb 28,2024|13 min| 2367

Do your lifts total over 1,000 pounds?

The 1,000 lb Club challenge has been the gold-standard of being a strong gym bro since the 2005 bodybuilding dot com forum days, that is quite a long time. The 1,000 pound club has proved that aside from looking shredded in a stringer, you can actually pick up heavy objects and put them down, which is something that not every bodybuilder can do, as they focus more on hypertrophy and volume training rather than strength, while powerlifters are seen as the ones who focus on strength. For those who don't know, the 1,000 lb Club is when your 1 rep max in the big compound lifts, being the squat, bench and deadlift totals over 1,000 lbs. But how do you get there?

Let’s break down how to get yourself to the 1,000 pound club.

1,000 Pound Club Overview

Having a combined 1 rep max total of 1,000 pounds may seem like quite the impossible feat, as getting your squat, bench press, and deadlift to equal that is very heavy. However, when you have the right training plan and are dedicated to doing this task, just about any person can achieve it at just about any age. The first step in joining the 1,000-Pound Club is to take a look at your current 1RM on the squat, bench press, and deadlift, which are also known as powerlifting’s “big three” exercises. 

If really hitting a true one rep makes you nervous, you can always get a rough estimate of your 1RM using your 3 to 5 rep max. However, you need to keep in mind that you’ll ultimately have to perform true 1RM lifts to join the thousand pound club. When it comes time to hitting your true one rep on the big three lifts, make sure that you have a reliable spotter on hand when you make your attempts.

Once you know how far you have to go to achieve your goal, all you need is a training plan that can help get you there.

The Boostcamp 1,000 Pound Club Challenge

With all of this talk of the 1,00 pound club, we are excited to announce that Boostcamp is hosting its inaugural 1,000 lb Club Challenge for male lifters and 600 lb Club Challenge for female lifters! 

Yes, 1,000 pounds is the goal, but we want to include everyone, and for this challenge, we're also creating a 600 lb Club for female lifters. Our team at Boostcamp believes the 600 lb target is a more reasonable target for female lifters who typically compete in a lighter weight class, that translates to the same level of "eliteness" as a male lifter with a 1,000 lb total. That said, if you're a female lifter who can also lift 1,000 lb, we'd love to see it!


  • Each successful entry will receive 3 months of Pro (existing Pro subscribers will have 3 months added to the end of their subscription, or you can gift it to a friend).

  • The first 50 entries will receive a super dope (to be shipped around summer 2024 as we're currently doing a rebrand, but we promise it'll be worth the wait!). Limited to North America shipping.

  • The 3 winners for each category below will receive 1 year of Boostcamp pro and a pair of Versa Gripps lifting straps

    • 1x prize for the male lifter with the highest total

    • 1x prize for the female lifter with the highest total

    • 1x prize for the most creative lifter. What does that mean? Maybe it's awesome editing, cool costume or lifting 1,000 pounds with a cool twist. Let's get the creative juices FLOWING. If you're going for this one, we'll let the form slip a bit 😉

How To Participate

  • Record a video of yourself lifting 1,000 lb / 600 lb in squat, bench press and deadlift.

    • You have a 1 hour limit to complete all three lifts.

    • You must show the date and time before each lift using time or another clock tool for verification purposes.

    • You must clearly show the weights used on the barbell.

  • Upload the video to one of the following platforms. Make sure your profile is set to public so judges can view the video. Include your numbers for each lift and the total in the description.

    • Instagram post and tag @trainwithboostcamp. Make sure your profile is public so judges can view the video.

    • Reddit post on r/boostcamp with the title including "Boostcamp 1,000 lb club challenge"

    • YouTube video with the title including "Boostcamp 1,000 lb club challenge"

  • All submissions must be received by March 31st, 2024 at 11:59pm EST

Detailed Rules

  • Lifts can be completed at any time between now and the contest deadline.

  • Form will be judged according to a relaxed version of IPF rules.

  • Squat

    • Descent: Must squat to parallel or better. This means the hip crease must be lower than the top surface of the knees.

    • Lockout: Lifter must return to upright position with knees locked.

  • Bench press

    • Starting position: Lifter's shoulder blades and buttocks must be in contact with the bench during the entire lift. Feet must be touching the ground during the entire lift.

    • Descent: Barbell must lower to touch the chest and pause on the chest for at least 1 second.

    • Lockout: Elbows must be locked at the top of the lift.

  • Deadlift

  • If you have more questions about the challenge and the rules, you can reply to this email or reach out to us at [email protected]

Workout Plans to Get You to Your Goals

When it comes to joining the thousand pound club, you should be looking for the perfect workout program to absolutely push your progression to the next level and hit some PRs. Not to mention, with a quality program you will be putting on a little muscle mass along the way, which is always helpful. To truly work up to the 1,000 pound club, you should be looking for a program that helps to incorporate progressive overload a little bit better, as well as has some proper recovery protocols in place like deload weeks and rest days. Training for the 1,000 pound club is just like getting ready for a competition, and you need a program to help you peak.


Finding a good workout program to help improve your bench press, squat, and deadlift is the key to joining the 1,000 pound club. Keep in mind that good programs will help with your fitness journey, you would want to find a program that caters to your needs and guides you in the right direction, making sure that you are making the most gains. If you are looking to stay on track and continue with linear progression, then finding a good workout program is the key. Where do you look for a good workout program? Check out the Boostcamp App for some great programs.

Boostcamp is home to over 50 FREE workout programs that consist of strength, hypertrophy, or functional fitness, or both, from the push pull legs program all the way to upper lower, there are so many programs to choose from that can help fit your needs. However, with Boostcamp, you don’t have to just follow a pre-written program (although each program is written by a professional), you also can create your own program as well, and track your progress to make sure you are on the right track. That being said, when you are looking to incorporate some serious training to further your powerlifting progress, then check out Boostcamp.

Wrap Up

Overall, the 1,000 pound club is quite the honor to be in and takes a lot of hard work to get there. That being said, Boostcamp is proud to be hosting the 1,000 pound club challenge (and 600 lb club challenge for women)! Will you be participating?

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