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Build Old School Strength, Old School Muscle, With Old School Training!

The Old School Strength and Size Program is Peter Khatcherians go to training system for adding massive amounts of muscle and strength for intermediate and advanced lifters. 

The principles are based on both old school strength training methods, as well as higher volume bodybuilding methods of the pumping iron era. 

Many hypertrophy based programs of today will add slabs of muscle to the lifter running the program, but will leave them with little to no progress in strength.

Bodybuilders in the 60's and 70's were both brutality strong and had physiques that many will argue as the greatest in the history of bodybuilding.

If you want to have a physique like a classic old school bodybuilder but also want the strength that comes with it, this is the program for you!

Major Achievements

  • Worldwide Coach
  • Founder of Old School Mass Gain
  • Over 70K YouTube Subs
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