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Build Old School Strength, Old School Muscle, With Old School Training!

<p>The Old School Strength and Size Program is Peter Khatcherians go to training system for adding massive amounts of muscle and strength&nbsp;for intermediate and advanced lifters.&nbsp;</p><p>The principles are based on both old school strength training methods, as well as higher volume bodybuilding methods of the pumping iron era.&nbsp;</p><p>Many hypertrophy based programs of today will add slabs of muscle to the lifter running the program, but will leave them with little to no progress in strength.</p><p>Bodybuilders in the 60's and 70's were both brutality&nbsp;strong and had physiques&nbsp;that many will argue&nbsp;as the greatest in the history of bodybuilding.</p><p>If you want to have a physique like a classic old school bodybuilder but also want the strength that comes with it, this is the program for you!</p>

Major Achievements

  • Worldwide Coach
  • Founder of Old School Mass Gain
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