Breaking Down the Basement Bodybuilding Upper Lower Program

Written by the Boostcamp staff
Jun 11,2024|14 min| 57

Aim for aesthetics with this upper lower training routine

In the vast world of bodybuilding, finding the right training program can be a daunting task, especially for natural bodybuilders seeking optimal gains. The Basement Bodybuilding YouTube channel, with over 20,000 subscribers, stands out by challenging traditional bodybuilding methods and offering innovative, fundamental approaches to training. Among their offerings, the Basement Bodybuilding 4-Day Upper Lower Program is a standout, designed for beginners and intermediate lifters alike. This free program not only promises to refine your skills but also aims to help you build a truly aesthetic physique.

Basement Bodybuilding Upper Lower Overview

The 4-Day Upper Lower Program by Basement Bodybuilding is meticulously structured to ensure balanced muscle development and effective progression. The program is divided into four primary sessions:

  1. Upper A: Chest and Bicep Focus

  2. Lower A: Quad and Calf Focus

  3. Upper B: Delt and Tricep Focus

  4. Lower B: Hamstring and Trap Focus

This structure ensures that each muscle group gets adequate attention and recovery, promoting balanced growth and minimizing the risk of overtraining. By splitting the workouts into upper and lower body sessions, the program allows for more focused and intense training of each muscle group.

Workout Breakdown

Upper A: Chest and Bicep Focus

  • Main Exercises:

    • Bench Press: A staple in any upper body workout, the bench press targets the pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps, providing a comprehensive upper body push exercise.

    • Incline Dumbbell Press: This variation emphasizes the upper portion of the chest, contributing to a fuller chest development.

    • Chest Flyes: This isolation movement stretches and contracts the chest muscles effectively, aiding in hypertrophy.

  • Accessory Exercises:

    • Bicep Curls: A fundamental exercise for bicep growth, targeting the biceps brachii.

    • Hammer Curls: This exercise focuses on the brachialis and brachioradialis, adding thickness to the upper arm.

  • Objective: Enhance upper body pushing strength and bicep hypertrophy, aiming for a balanced and aesthetic upper body.

Lower A: Quad and Calf Focus

  • Main Exercises:

    • Squats: The king of all lower body exercises, squats target the quads, glutes, and core, promoting overall lower body strength.

    • Leg Press: This machine-based exercise isolates the quads and allows for heavy loading without the need for balancing the weight.

    • Lunges: Lunges improve balance and coordination while targeting the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Accessory Exercises:

    • Calf Raises: Essential for building the calf muscles, particularly the gastrocnemius.

    • Seated Calf Press: This targets the soleus, the deeper calf muscle, providing a comprehensive calf workout.

  • Objective: Develop quad strength and calf endurance, ensuring a balanced and powerful lower body.

Upper B: Delt and Tricep Focus

  • Main Exercises:

    • Overhead Press: This compound movement targets the deltoids and triceps, enhancing shoulder strength and stability.

    • Lateral Raises: An isolation exercise for the lateral deltoids, crucial for shoulder width and aesthetics.

    • Rear Delt Flyes: This exercise targets the posterior deltoids, contributing to a balanced shoulder development.

  • Accessory Exercises:

    • Tricep Pushdowns: A key exercise for tricep isolation, targeting the lateral head of the triceps.

    • Skull Crushers: This exercise targets the long head of the triceps, essential for overall tricep development.

  • Objective: Strengthen deltoids and triceps for a well-rounded upper body, enhancing both aesthetics and functional strength.

Lower B: Hamstring and Trap Focus

  • Main Exercises:

    • Deadlifts: A fundamental exercise for the posterior chain, deadlifts are great for targeting the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

    • Hamstring Curls: This isolation exercise focuses directly on the hamstrings, promoting muscle growth and strength.

    • Good Mornings: This movement targets the hamstrings and lower back, improving posterior chain strength and flexibility.

  • Accessory Exercises:

    • Shrugs: An essential exercise for trapezius development, contributing to neck and upper back thickness.

    • Farmer's Walk: This functional exercise targets the traps, forearms, and core, enhancing grip strength and overall stability.

  • Objective: Build hamstring power and trap thickness, ensuring a strong and balanced posterior chain.

Progression Method

Basement Bodybuilding employs a unique variation of the dynamic double progression method in this program. Traditional double progression involves increasing the weight only when all sets meet the rep target. However, this program modifies that approach:

  • Dynamic Double Progression: Add weight to all sets once your first set reaches or surpasses the top end of the rep range. Expect a drop-off in reps from set to set, which is normal and a sign of intense training.

This method ensures continuous challenge and adaptation, key elements for muscle growth and strength gains. By allowing progression based on the performance of the first set, this approach maintains training intensity and avoids plateaus, which are common in static progression methods.

Benefits of the 4-Day Upper Lower Program

Balanced Muscle Development

One of the primary benefits of the 4-Day Upper Lower Program is its focus on balanced muscle development. By dedicating specific days to upper and lower body workouts, the program ensures that each muscle group receives adequate attention. This balance is crucial for achieving an aesthetic physique, as it prevents overdevelopment or underdevelopment of any particular muscle group.

Effective Recovery

Another significant advantage of the upper/lower split is the effective recovery it allows. With the alternating focus on the upper and lower body, each muscle group has sufficient time to recover before being trained again. This recovery period is essential for muscle growth and prevents overtraining, which can lead to injuries and hinder progress.

Scalable Progression

The dynamic double progression method used in this program is another standout feature. Unlike traditional progression methods, this approach ensures that you’re always pushing your limits. By adding weight once the first set reaches the top end of the rep range, you’re constantly challenging your muscles, leading to consistent strength and muscle gains.


This program is designed to be accessible to both newcomers and intermediate lifters. Its clear structure and detailed exercise selection make it easy to follow, while the progression method ensures that it remains challenging as you advance. Additionally, the program being free makes it an excellent starting point for anyone looking to embark on their bodybuilding journey.

Support and Coaching

While the program itself is free, you can support Basement Bodybuilding by using code BASEMENT when you sign up for Boostcamp, an online platform dedicated to fitness coaching. Boostcamp offers a variety of resources and tools to enhance your training experience, making it a valuable companion to the 4-Day Upper Lower Program.

For those seeking more personalized guidance, Basement Bodybuilding offers 1-on-1 online coaching. This personalized coaching can provide tailored advice and support, helping you to achieve your specific bodybuilding goals more effectively. Inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

More Workout Programs

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The Basement Bodybuilding 4-Day Upper Lower Program is an exceptional resource for anyone serious about natural bodybuilding. With a well-structured approach, innovative progression methods, and a clear focus on balanced muscle development, this program is a must-try for both beginners and intermediate lifters. Embrace this program to refine your skills, enhance your physique, and achieve your bodybuilding goals naturally and effectively.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your training approach, this program offers the tools and guidance necessary to build an aesthetic and powerful physique. By following the structured workouts and adhering to the progression method, you can ensure consistent and significant progress in your bodybuilding journey. Support from the Basement Bodybuilding community and access to personalized coaching further enhance the effectiveness of this program, making it the best choice for natural bodybuilders aiming for excellence.

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