Finding the Perfect Workout Program

Written by the Boostcamp staff
Apr 20,2024|9 min| 176

What to look for in the perfect workout program

Everyone is different, and when they join the gym, they probably have different goals. Some people want to train for hypertrophy and be a bodybuilder, others want to be as strong as possible and be a powerlifter, while some people are looking to lose weight and others are looking to bulk up. That being said, going into the gym and doing what you see other people doing, might not be the answer. Instead, finding the perfect workout program is what you should look to do, and Boostcamp is just the place to look.

There are plenty of reasons to find the
perfect workout program, and plenty of things to look for when it comes to finding it. However, what exactly are these reasons? What should you look for? We are going to dissect what the benefits of a perfect workout program are, where to find one, and how to make it yours. 

Finding the Perfect Workout Program

There are a few things to assess when it comes to finding the perfect workout program, so let’s take a look at a few.


You want a workout program that is yours, and caters to your goals. You can look on the internet for plenty of cookie cutter programs, but when it comes to finding one that really helps you achieve your goals, this may not be the best option. Instead, take a step back and think about what you want to do with your fitness journey. Do you want to build muscle mass? Do you want to lose fat? Do you want to train for strength or aesthetics? These are all things that you need to consider when looking for the perfect workout program. 

You also need to consider how much time you can dedicate to training when it comes to looking for the perfect workout program. Are you only able to dedicate 2 days? Can you dedicate 3 days? Or do you have time for a 5 day push pull legs/upper lower workout?

That being said, the perfect workout program will cater to your goals and time management. 

Flexibility and Fit

The perfect workout program is not something that you will get bored with after a few weeks, it is a program that you will enjoy for a good amount of time. Also, the perfect workout program will not have you hitting a plateau after just a few weeks, instead you will be making some solid linear progression throughout the duration. The perfect workout program is something that will be sustainable over time, not necessarily perfect from the start.

Where to Find the Perfect Workout Program

Now when it comes to finding the perfect workout program, you really do not have to look any further than Boostcamp. There is a good chance that when you are looking for the perfect workout program, you will find plenty of cookie cutter programs from influencers or people who are just out to make a quick buck by selling “what worked for them”. Now, while you can check out these programs and maybe even make some progress with them, keep in mind that there are plenty of good, FREE programs available on the Boostcamp App to really suit your needs. 

The goal of Boostcamp is to help you make progress with your goals, whether you are looking to make some progress with cutting or bulking or maingaining, the perfect workout program is something that can truly help you with it. A good workout program will keep you on track, so you know where you need to make improvements. This helps with making sure that you are harnessing the most gains and maximizing your time in the gym. If you are looking to stay on track and continue with linear progression, then finding the perfect workout program is the key. 

How Many Programs Does Boostcamp Have?

You will never get bored with Boostcamp, as you will have well over 50 FREE workout programs right at the tips of your fingers. They help with all types of different aspects in the gym such as strength, hypertrophy, or functional fitness, or a combination of the different fitness routines. You have plenty of different schedules and styles to choose from, such as the push pull legs program all the way to upper lower. In reality, there are so many programs to choose from that can help fit your needs and truly be the perfect workout program for you. 

Can I Write My Own Program?

However, with Boostcamp, you don’t have to just follow a pre-written program (although each program is written by a professional), you also can take the time to create and customize your own program as well, so it will be exactly how you want it. Aside from that, you can track your progress to make sure you are on the right track, and if you need to improve then you will know where to improve. 

Are the Pre-Written Programs Any Good?

When choosing a workout program from Boostcamp, you can be sure that you are following in the footsteps of an expert. The programs available on the app have been tried and tested by fitness veterans of all different sports. Whether you are a bodybuilder training for aesthetics, or a strength athlete training to be stronger, these workout programs are top of the line. That is yet another reason that Boostcamp houses the perfect workout programs, as each one is expertly written and approved, so you know each program is really benefiting you. 

Finding the Perfect Workout Program Wrap Up

The bottom line is that going into the gym blind and with absolutely no direction is not a good idea. Instead, you should aim to find the perfect workout program, something that caters to your goals, your time management, and keeps you on the right track. Finding the perfect program has been made pretty easy, especially with the Boostcamp App that has over 50 free pre-written workout programs and allows you to create and customize your own.

That being said, will you be giving the Boostcamp App a try? Let us know! And be sure to follow Boostcamp on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube!